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GDM - Gestational Diabetes Mellitus


Centre for Endocrine Diseases and Diabetes - Dia Plus Clinic, Ahmedabad

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Diabetes and Endocare Clinic - Dia Plus Centre, Berhampur

Susthi Multispeciality clinic - Dia Plus Centre, Berhampur

Agada Diabetes Care - Dia Plus Clinic, Chennai

Virat Centre For Endocrinology -  Dia Plus Clinic, Gulbarga

Mahaashiva diagnostics - Dia Plus Clinic, Hyderabad

SEWA Centre - Dia Plus Clinic, Indore

V.H Centre - Dia Plus Clinic, Salem
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GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus) , is becoming very common in the world across races and more so in indians/ asians.   
 Dr.Praveen Ramachandra is best endocrinologist in Bangalore , with vast experience in treating GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus/ diabetes in pregnant ladies). the approach is very patient friendly and effective. 
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